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Jared Witherspoon is a multidisciplinary artist, born & raised in St. Louis, MO. (USA)


Jared Witherspoon is an American photographer, graphic designer, & contemporary artist, currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

b. 1996 / St. Louis, Missouri (USA)


Dominican University
(River Forest, IL.) – May 2019
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design


Dominican University Juried Student Exhibition
(River Forest, IL.) – March 2019
Untitled #2 (Eddie & Chelsea on Polaroid)
*Best B&W Photo

Art St. Louis XXXV, The Exhibition
(St. Louis, MO). – November 2019
Untitled (Fisherman)

Touch Exhibition
(Moisturizer Gallery, Online) – June 2020
boys will be boys & Untitled (Taco & Emily)

Going Home Exhibition
(Wilsonville Arts, Online) – February 2022
Untitled (Girl w/ Coat)

Personality: Contemporary Portraiture Exhibition
(Budapest, HU.) – March 2022
Untitled (Brandon)

Portrait 2023
(Gyeonggi-do, KOR.) – January 2023
Boy w/ Flag & Kwuow

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